What kind of uniforms did the Union Army wear?

Answer The Union Army wore a number of different kinds of uniforms throughout the Civil War, depending on the regiment. However, certain standards applied to the majority of the Army, notably the blue col... Read More »

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Can you wear army ribbons on navy uniforms?

What kind of uniforms do pediatricians wear?

Pediatricians are not required to wear uniforms during their work hours. They choose to dress professionally in business attire. However, many wear traditional white jackets to distinguish themselv... Read More »

Can men who served in the Army National Guard wear uniforms for a ceremony once they are discharged?

Yes - Conditionally You may as long as:1. You were Honorably discharged.2. You are not using the your status or uniform to promote a political cause/candidate.

What kind of baseball uniforms did they wear in the early 1900s?

Baseball uniforms in the early 1900s were typically made of a heavy flannel material. Pants were very loose fitting, and they were accompanied by high socks. Uniform tops were also loose fitting an... Read More »