Girls; What kind of underwear do you think looks hot on a Boy?

Answer mineI like to look at his bon er in my frilly underwear.

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What style of underwear do women like on men?

On One Hand: Boxer BriefsA Men's Health survey, found that the style of underwear the majority of women prefer on men is boxer briefs. Boxer briefs suggest that the wearer is adventurous, according... Read More »

Best kind of underwear for skinny jeans?

If you had your underwear on and she had nothing on and you pre-ejaculated in underwear could she get pregnant?

What kind of plant looks like a fern with lace-like leaves?

Protasparagus densiflorus, also called asparagus fern, asparagus fern, foxtail fern and emerald fern, is native to Africa. It is a popular plant in many gardens, but is considered an invasive speci... Read More »