What kind of tv should I get for my xbox 360?

Answer Go HD of course but I have a plausma and it has the same picture as the dlp and LCD but the only difference between the to really (dispite what the store managers might tell you) is that the Plausm... Read More »

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Should I return your xbox 360 that came with halo 3 odst and forza 3 and cost 400 and buy an iphone 4 or should I keep my xbox 360?

I would say keep the Xbox 360. Iphones cost less than a Xbox 360 and you can just save up and buy the Iphone instead of having to sell your Xbox.

What kind of hard drive is inside of an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 does not use an internal hard drive. Instead, all versions of the Xbox 360 include 512 MB of internal flash memory (half of which is used once you update your Xbox). Other storage opti... Read More »

What kind of a wireless router is needed for an xbox 360?

Routers compatible with the Xbox 360 are marked with "Works with Windows Vista," "Certified for Windows Vista" or "Compatible with Windows 7;" therefore, before purchasing, verify these marks with ... Read More »

What kind of cable do I need to connect my Xbox 360 to my computer?

To connect an Xbox 360 to your computer for the purpose of using the Internet, you'll need an Ethernet cable. For watching HDMI movies on your computer screen, use a VGA HD AV Cable.References:Game... Read More »