What kind of trumpet did Louis Armstrong play?

Answer Armstrong played several instruments over his career. He learned on a cornet and early in his career, he played Tonk, York, Columbia and Blessing cornets. He switched to trumpets and played Buesche... Read More »

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What kind of trumpet did Chet Baker play?

Jazz great Chet Baker did not seem to have a preference when it came to the type of trumpet he played. He had been known to use the Martin "Committee," the Conn "Constellation" and the Selmer "Bach... Read More »

Where was Louis Armstrong born& when was his date of birth?

Jazz musician Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans on Aug. 4, 1901. Recognized around the world as a founding father of jazz, Armstrong performed music for almost six decades, recording such cla... Read More »

How to Play the Trumpet in a Day?

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How to Play the Trumpet Better?

The trumpet is a mellow instrument that is a member of the brass family. Although many students desire to play the instrument, it is easy to become frustrated with the trumpet if you are not gettin... Read More »