What kind of transmission does a 2500hd have?

Answer The GMC Sierra 2500HD features an Allison six-speed automatic transmission with electronic overdrive and tow mode. These features are found on both the gasoline and diesel engine options.Source:250... Read More »

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What kind of transmission fluid should I use?

Transmission fluid is the connection between the transmission and the engine as it works to lubricate and cool the system. Maintaining and choosing the appropriate transmission is crucial in preser... Read More »

What kind of transmission do I have with Dodge Ram?

The transmission for 2010 Dodge Ram is made by Aisin. It is available as a six-speed automatic or manual. Both versions offer PTO Power Takeoff.Source:Dodge Ram Transmission Options

What kind of transmission fluid do I need?

On One Hand: You have an automatic transmission.A vehicle with an automatic transmission requires automatic transmission fluid (ATF). The main types of ATFs are Dexron III, Mercon, Mercon V, Type ... Read More »

What Kind of Transmission Does a Dodge Have?

Depending on the type of Dodge vehicle, there are two main types of transmissions--automatic and manual. However, different models utilize a five-speed or six-speed automatic or manual transmission.