What kind of tires should you get for your car?

Answer Deciding which type of tire you would like to buy for you car will depend on what kind of driving you want to do, where you live and the types of tires that are compatible with your car. There are ... Read More »

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My tires are kind of cuppin or in another word i have wear tires?

It isnt a balance. They are probably not BS'ing you. Shocks cause uneven wear in tires and a balance would help the problem not fix it.Remember your shocks need changing every 90k

When Should You Put Air in Your Car Tires?

Checking the air pressure in your tires regularly is important to your safety since the tire is the only thing separating you from the road. Unfortunately, most people don't consider tires or air p... Read More »

What kind of rubber are tires made of?

The rubber that is used to make vehicle tires is a combination of natural rubber and a synthetic rubber. The natural rubber is a rubber that comes from trees, while synthetic rubber is man-made. T... Read More »

What kind of changes should you see in your body if you are 6 weeks' pregnant?

Answer you may start to become hormonel such as getting irritated or upset over tiny little things. your breasts will become enlarged and you may start gaining weight. however all pregnancys vary f... Read More »