What kind of thread is used to string liquid silver?

Answer The tiny tubular silver beads known as liquid silver have a heft and shine unlike any others and truly appear liquid when worn in quantity. Because of the weight of the metal beads, some jewelers p... Read More »

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How to Thread Eyebrows Using the String?

Eyebrow threading has been around for centuries. In fact, it is unknown where or when it began, but it is thought that its origins are in the Middle East. Threading is more precise than other hair ... Read More »

What element is a shiny silver liquid?

At room temperature, mercury (atomic symbol Hg) is a liquid that appears lustrous (shiny) with a silver color. Mercury is the only metal element that is a liquid at room temperature.Source:Los Alam... Read More »

What kind of thread do I use for sewing flannel?

The best thread for sewing flannel is a 100 percent cotton thread designed for sewing and quilting. Flannel is relatively thick and tightly woven, so the strength of cotton will prevent the thread ... Read More »

What kind of crimp do I use with nylon thread?

Crimp beads secure stringing material used in jewelry. They are better for wires, but you can use them for nylon thread. Note that the sharp edges of the bead can cut through the thread. Select any... Read More »