What kind of thermocouple has output in millivolts?

Answer Many different types of thermocouples exist---for example, type b, type e, type j, type k and more. The different types measure different temperature-to-voltage relationships. All thermocouples hav... Read More »

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How to Calculate Millivolts to Amps?

To find the amperage of a current based on the number of millivolts, you will need to know the number of watts produced by the current. Once you know the number of millivolts and watts, you can use... Read More »

Can i run 3 monitors with my ATI 6700 HD series it has a HDMI output and a dvi and vga output all in one card?

Input 0 output 2 input 1 output 4 input 2 output 6 input 3 output 8 input 4 output 10 please find the rule?

What power output does a computer USB port output?

USB ports on personal computers and laptops are intended to allow "plug-n-play" convenience for a variety of peripheral hardware items, including keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, sound devices ... Read More »