What kind of test is done for STDs?

Answer Tests conducted for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) include a physical exam, in which a doctor will look closely at the genital area; a blood and urine sample, to test for presence of STDs in ... Read More »

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Does a Pap Test Tell If You Have STDs?

Pap tests, also known as Pap smears, do not check for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These tests detect abnormalities in cervical cells, which may indicate the presence of cervical cancer, a... Read More »

Which STDs Is the Tzanck Test Used for?

A Tzanck test, also known as a Tzanck smear, is a simple test that can be performed to check for a small number of viral infections. This includes the sexually transmitted disease (STD) genital her... Read More »

How do doctors test for STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs can be a cause for serious concern. The wide variety of STDs leads to different types of testing, typically through examination and urine samples. Some STDs ar... Read More »

What Kind of Test Is the GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that many graduate schools in the United States require be taken before admission. Rather than test knowledge of any specific subject ma... Read More »