What kind of teenage girl gets pregnant?

Answer Uninformed, IrresponsibleObviously, one who has not been properly informed about how to use protection or they have been informed and they are just not aware of the consequences of having sex witho... Read More »

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You are a single teenage pregnant girl what should you do?

If you think about it theres many things you can do. Many people are against abortion but you could have one. Or if you are a teenage mum and want a baby but didn't want one at the age you are beca... Read More »

If a 14 year old girl gets pregnant what will happen to the 16 year old boy that got her pregnant?

Yes he can get in trouble that is considered rape. If the police find out he will go to jail. I hope this really didnt happen. :)

If an underage girl has sex with a guy of age 19 and gets pregnant what happens to the guy?

Answer they usually go to jail if the parents find out and press charges. Its called statutory rape.

What does a girl feel like when she gets pregnant?

Answer I have been pregnant twice and the first time I knew about a week before I was due to get my period. I had this weird feeling like I was not alone anymore. (Not in some alien resurrection ... Read More »