What kind of tattoo guns do people use?

Answer Tattooing is a process by which ink is pushed into the skin by needles. Modern tattoo artists use two types of machines, which are also called tattoo guns. These tattoo guns use electricity to make... Read More »

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Are tattoo guns legal outside of a tattoo shop?

How to Set Up Tattoo Guns?

Tattoos are a great way to create a totally unique piece of art on your body. However, they are permanent, and a bad tattoo can provide a lifetime of regret. A tattoo gun, or tattoo machine, is th... Read More »

About Tattoo Guns?

The art of tattooing has existed for thousands of years, dating back as early as 12,000 B.C. While the significance of this art has remained the same, the method in which it is performed has evolve... Read More »

The History of Tattoo Guns?

Tattoos used to conjure up visions of rusty sailors and harbor "bad side of town" dives in America, and for years getting a tattoo was something only lower-income citizens participated in, predomin... Read More »