What kind of surveillance camera can I get to go on the outside of my house?

Answer I use these:…connected to:…with a 250 gig hard drive I installed...

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How to Set Up a Surveillance Camera for a House?

Computers are relatively commonplace in homes, so why not take advantage of computer programming and Web cameras for installing surveillance in your home? For example, you can install a camera to m... Read More »

What is needed for a surveillance/spy camera?

If you have a desktop computer in the room, the easiest and cheapest way to go about it would be to get a webcam and then a program like Dorgem (available free) which can be set to take video or st... Read More »

What do you think of a house with surveillance cameras on it?

Good idea for the owners. There have been two break-ins in my neighborhood recently and both were caught by someones surveillance cameras.If you are concerned that your actions are being recorded, ... Read More »

How to Display a Surveillance Camera on an LCD?

A wireless surveillance camera transmits video to a receiver at a location removed from where the camera is located. You can display the video being captured by a wireless surveillance camera on a ... Read More »