What kind of sugar do i use?

Answer Unless it calls for a specific type just a granulated sugar.For each cup of light corn syrup in a recipe, substitute 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup water. For each cup of dark corn syrup, substitute 1 ... Read More »

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What is your favorite kind of sugar?

What Kind of Damage Does Sugar do to a Gas Tank?

Contrary to popular belief, adding sugar to a gas tank will not ruin your car. At most, you may have to change the filter or empty and clean the gas tank.

Does anybody know how to make halawa (sugar wax)..the kind you DON'T need cloth strips for?

I rarely get it right myself. But I have a few times. And this is what seems to work:2 cups of sugar1/2 cup of water1/2 cup of lemon juiceI cook it in the big pan I have because it when it boils,... Read More »

What kind of drinks can I have if my blood sugar level is high?

When your sugar level is high Green Tae is better but obviously without Sugar