What kind of styles of music can the clarinet play?

Answer The clarinet is a modern single-reed woodwind instrument. The clarinet is primarily used in symphonic, orchestral and jazz bands. While it may be considered an instrument for elementary and secon... Read More »

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What Kind of Music Suits the Clarinet?

The clarinet's versatility makes it an ideal instrument for several genres of music. The most popular genres use the clarinet because of its flexibility, virtuosity and ability to play in the extre... Read More »

What kind of music should I play at my son's 1st birthday party 20 adults and 10 kids?

Well Any of music go on youutbe they have some music

What notes does a modern Bb clarinet play?

The modern B-flat clarinet has a range from the D below middle C to the B-flat three octaves above it, in concert pitch. The lower part of the range has a rich, deep tone, while the higher part has... Read More »

What makes soul music different from other styles of music?

Soul music is the amalgamation of three distinct musical forms: gospel, blues and rhythm & blues. A largely southern and black music, soul grew rapidly into popularity in the 1960s.GospelDespite ea... Read More »