What kind of spoon should be used with a cast iron skillet?

Answer Cast iron skillets get hotter than those made from other materials, so wooden or high-heat-rated silicone spoons are the best options. Avoid using metal spoons because they may scratch the seasoned... Read More »

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Should a cast iron pot or dutch oven be seasoned with oil in the same way as a cast iron skillet?

The Uses of a Cast Iron Skillet?

Cast iron skillets have been used in cooking for hundreds of years and are still widely popular. As the name implies, cast iron skillets are formed from a single cast of cooking-grade iron to creat... Read More »

What to Use If You Don't Have a Cast Iron Skillet?

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Can a cast iron skillet rust?

If left untreated, a cast iron skillet will rust. To get the skillet ready for cooking, coat it with oil and place it in the oven to "season" it. To keep it from rusting, use it often, wash it by h... Read More »