What kind of spider is causing these bites?

Answer I think the only thing your doctor is wrong about is the spiders. They don't cause boils, a bacteria does.If you are not finding any evidence of biting insects, likely you are having this same bact... Read More »

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Are these spider bites or what!?

Multiple bites for two weeks? Better check for bed bugs

Do these look like bed bug bites or flea bites?

It's a tiny pic, but looks like flea. Bed bug bites seem to come up redder, and in a slightly different pattern. I could easily be wrong.Treat mattress / bedding / carpet / dog, etc. An animal t... Read More »

Mosquito bites or spider bites?

a dab of hairspray on the bug bite should combat the itch

What do you do for spider bites?

Answer vary depending upon the type of spider doing the biting. Some are serious and require medical attention, while others are harmless. When it doubt, get checked out.AnswerThere are some certai... Read More »