What kind of spectrum does a neon sign produce?

Answer A Neon sign produces emission spectrum. Emission spectra occur when atoms of a dilute gas become heated by a source of energy. The result is bright lights or bright bands on a dark background.Sour... Read More »

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Does the light emitted by a neon sign constitute a continuous spectrum or only a few colors?

Light emitted by a neon sign does not constitute a continuous spectrum. The neon emits light only in a few wavelengths. Sunlight is defined as light that is continuous. It can be broken up into all... Read More »

How does a neon gas produce light&work?

Neon gas illuminates city storefronts in the form of gas discharge tubes arranged into eye-catching signs. The reddish glow of neon light comes from electricity's effect on the neon electrons.NeonN... Read More »

How do gases produce color in neon signs?

Neon signs produce color by running high voltage through a gas---sometimes neon, but often something else. It's the law of conservation of energy at work: Electrical energy goes in, light energy co... Read More »

When was the neon sign invented?

Becoming popular worldwide in many businesses including restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and casinos, brightly lit neon signs were invented in 1910 by a French chemist and engineer named Georges Cla... Read More »