What kind of songs would impress a guy on a girl's iPod?

Answer Songs that he enjoys or a specific genere

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Would an iPod with 1000 songs on weigh more than an iPod with no songs on?

R&P: What Songs Would You Put On An IPOD For The Queen?

"the Queen of England"Excuse me, but what about Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland...?!We are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for a reason, and then there's the Commonwe... Read More »

What kind of iPod would you choose?

ipod touch: wifi, music, movies, photos. a ton of downloadable games and apps (some r free)thats the 1 im getting

How do you "mix" your songs on itunes kind of like a DJ would do it?

Hi thereThat's a good question.First, I will assume that you have already imported the music in to your iTunes library.Next, create a PLAYLIST. You can create lists of songs, called "playlists." Yo... Read More »