What kind of solutions would heroes and heroines have that would solve the problems facing society especially racism child and spousal abuse and violence among young people?

Answer I think that anyone could be a hero by not continuing the mistakes made by his or her own parents. Make a child's life better than you had it... be kinder and better. People who try to treat othe... Read More »

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How to Solve Problems Using Violence?

A group of Kenyans utilising violence to achieve their political means in Africa.A guide on using violence to solve problems. Although violence is frowned upon in our modern society, it is still an... Read More »

What are the solutions for child abuse?

The solution to child abuse would be... to give parents that people think the kids are being abused classes to be a better parent and give them counseling and breaks from their children when needed.

What are some solutions to child abuse?

1. Education. Programs and education need to be provided for children that have already been abuse. The chances of an abused child growing up with emotional scars, even when the physical scars have... Read More »

What is domestic violence&child abuse?

Domestic violence and child abuse have varied definitions. The criminal definition often includes only physical abuse, but modern conceptions include other forms of abuse as well.Domestic Componen... Read More »