What kind of soil does the plant need for classic bamboo?

Answer A good quality potting soil will work well for bamboo plants. A light soil that contains plenty of peat and other minerals is optimal. Keep the soil moist, and water when it begins to feel dry.Sour... Read More »

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What kind of soil should a bamboo plant have?

On One Hand: The Soil Must Retain MoistureBamboo grows best in a fertile, loamy soil that retains moisture well. You can augment very heavy clay soils with organic material, and bamboos can grow we... Read More »

Do you need to plant a lucky bamboo in soil?

Lucky bamboo can survive with water alone; there is no need to plant it in soil. A loose soil mixture, however, can be used if you prefer. These plants should also occasionally be given fertilizer,... Read More »

What kind of soil does a venus fly trap need to grow?

Venus flytraps grow well in a mixture of equal parts peat moss and sand. That mixture is safe for the roots. Venus flytraps basically need wet roots, high humidity, full sunlight and poor, acidic s... Read More »

What kind of bamboo should I plant?

Bamboo plants are fast growing, affordable and exotic. Walking into a dense bamboo grove, or even seeing a bright green tree indoors, is a little bit mystical. With 1,000 species to choose from, yo... Read More »