What kind of soil did the Ancient Egyptians have?

Answer They had black rich soil which made it easy to grow crops and plants.

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What Types of Personal Grooming Products Did the Ancient Egyptians Have?

Ancient Egyptian civilization started with the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt in 3150 B.C. This heralded the arrival of the first pharaoh and a culture that lasted around three millennia. Acc... Read More »

Why did the ancient Egyptians build the sphinx?

Pharaohs built sphinxes, including the Great Sphinx of Giza, as part of their funeral arrangements. The Great Sphinx is part of an entire temple complex, which the Colossus guards. Additionally, th... Read More »

How to Multiply Like the Ancient Egyptians?

The Egyptians had to be clever to engineer the pyramids.Ancient Egyptians had many ways to multiply. This can make it easier to multiply, because it only requires the knowledge of how to multiply b... Read More »

Did the ancient egyptians eat feta cheese?

yes, they actually still do today. Reference: my dad's Egyptian and I've personaly been to Alexandria in egpyt. my family over their prepare it with Olive oil from Greece, smushed up the cheese an... Read More »