What kind of software type is MS Windows XP?

Answer The software that manages the functioning of a computer is called the operating system (OS). An OS manages all the hardware and software in a computer system and without it the computer wouldn't wo... Read More »

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What kind of ActiveX software is used for Windows XP?

The ActiveX software used for Microsoft Windows XP is called "ActiveX." It is a executable code and is often used in validating ownership for genuine Microsoft products. When you enter the key code... Read More »

My windows xp does not support my scanner software. where can i download a software for free?

Yes Windows Xp should pick up the scanner immediately but if not go click the link I have posted below and find the correct drive for your scanner model. That should make it work for yah http://ww... Read More »

What type of software is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is presentation software that allows users to create computer-supported slide shows to support demonstrations, lectures, speeches and more. The popular program was created by Microsoft.P... Read More »

What kind of software is Sage?

Sage North America manufactures business software, including inventory management, healthcare record management, accounting and credit card processing applications. The Sage Group plc, based in the... Read More »