What kind of software do i need to burn cds?

Answer Burning CDs has become very popular. If you are using a Windows operating system, all that's needed is Windows Media Player; it is a free download. If you are using a Mac or Apple Computer, iTunes ... Read More »

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What software do I need to burn a dual layer DVD?

There is no universal software that can be installed to make your DVD burner burn dual layer DVDs. Some DVD burners are already capable of dual layer DVD burning, some require a firmware update and... Read More »

What kind of CDs do you need to burn music?

There are two primary types of CDs and both are suitable for burning music. CD-R is the most common format that can be recorded on once, while the CD-RW format is rewritable, and can be erased and ... Read More »

What kind of disc do i need to burn dvd's?

The common DVD player don't support avi format, you should convert your video.You can try Aimersoft DVD converter. It’s quite convenient and humanity. You just need press few click and then can c... Read More »

What kind of software do I need for graphic designing?

If you are looking to go into graphic design as a career, you want to be proficient in the most popular design software, Adobe Creative Suite. What you use will ultimately depend on who you are em... Read More »