If you live at home and have a license but do not have a car and do not drive any of the family cars what kind of insurance should you have?

Answer Answer You don't need auto insurance if you don't have a vehicle. Even if you were driving your parents' or other family member's car, their insurance should cover you. Every lisenced driver in t... Read More »

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Im 14 and i have small boobs they really have not grown should i still be wearing bras if so what kind?

Try a Wonderbra! I wonder why you want to wear one though!I got a good laugh on this one!

Should you get the flu shot if you have mono?

Typically, if you have a fever or any other sign of infection you should not get the flu shot. Wait until you are fever free [without using fever reducing medication]. Ask the doctor treating the... Read More »

What kind of liability insurance should you have if you have block party events attended by two or three thousand people each year?

Answer Special events coverage-Try this link

What kind of tv aerial cable should I have?

I bet you that it is 'not' that socket plate on the wall..but a PLUG plate on the wall - it seems to be a common thing to doput the pug in a plate, so now the cable needs to be a socket on a leadSi... Read More »