What kind of shoes is Ashton kucher wearing in the recent Nikon camera commercial?

Answer Nikon cameras take better pictures.

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What would you do if you saw your ten year old son in town wearing one of his sisters satin pyjamas with his friends who were also wearing the same kind of thing?

they want to look cool because they are not secure with their friends so they try to show off

WHat shoes are you wearing RiGHT NOW?

im barefoot cuz its getting late and i dont have any plans tonight

How to Know if You're Wearing the Right Size Shoes?

Woman have been known to hoarde more shoes than they can wear, but many of these shoes do not fit correctly. Ill-fitting shoes can undermine your health since your feet support the rest of your bod... Read More »

As of right now are you wearing shoes, socks or are you barefoot?