What kind of screwdrivers are there?

Answer The three most common types of screwdriver are flat-head screwdrivers, Phillips-head screwdrivers and Allan wrench (also known as hex key) screwdrivers. Less popular varieties include square shank ... Read More »

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Uses of Impact Screwdrivers?

Any tinkerer who has faced a jammed or stripped screw can appreciate the utility of an impact screwdriver. This tool is composed of a bit mounting, weights connected by a spiral channel, and a tens... Read More »

How to Take an Xbox Apart Without Screwdrivers?

The Microsoft Xbox is a video game console that allows you to connect to a network to play games with friends and others across the globe. The Xbox is a high-tech piece of equipment and should only... Read More »

How to Throw Screwdrivers?

The throwing knife is a weapon with a long history. It is a carefully balanced weapon designed to be thrown through the air, spinning end-over-end at the target. When purpose-made weapons are not a... Read More »

Tips on the Types of Screwdrivers?

There are a variety of screwdrivers available depending on what you need them for. Screwdrivers come in all different sizes for many purposes. You use them for making and fixing small things like ... Read More »