What kind of scanner do I need to monitor local police calls?

Answer Digital Signal or Trunk Scanning?These are two very different technologies, and Trunk Scanning is the latest, and not likely supported on your old scanner. Check this out:

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Why can't I get my local police frequency on my scanner?

Some police are changing their radios to "scrambled" technology. Even if you have a frequency, without the proper de-scramble technology, you won't hear anything...

How can i hear my local police scanner on my pc ive tried everything?

You can listen to live online scanner audio at RadioReference

Why won't my scanner pick up my local police?

OK, let's get this straight (and spelled right)...C-I-V-I-L-I-A-N-S are able to listen to fire and police calls; I'm doing it right now. However, I cannot easily pick up calls towns more than 20 mi... Read More »

Wanna download local police scanner?

Well that sort of thing is only available in the US.In the UK you would be out of luck because all the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Armed Forces now operate in the UHF and Microwave bands, digitised... Read More »