What kind of sandwich do you prefer :) ?

Answer Moon!Where do you come up with this stuff? LOL!My favorite sandwich is meatloaf, with ketchup, on whole wheat. You may be asking "Why meatloaf?" LOL! I NEVER GET IT and it is my favorite leftov... Read More »

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What kind of cheese do you prefer to have on a sandwich?

american white not yellow,new hampshire

Cheese Sandwich Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Or Ham Sandwich Which do you prefer more?

cheese sandwich.Goodnight, Scooter. Want me to tuck you in? :)

If you could only eat one kind of sandwich for the next five years, what would that sandwich type be?

Which from this list would you prefer to have your Egg & Cheese Sandwich with?

on a croissant or english muffin, those are my faves!wheat toast is good too. Goodnight Scooter, hope you have a great wkd!((((HUGS))))