What kind of sand does a sand blaster use?

Answer Silica sand may be used in a sand blaster, and the sand may be rounded or angular, depending on the type of material being blasted. Sandblasting personnel are at high risk for developing silicosis,... Read More »

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Sand Blaster Problems?

There are two types of sandblasters-the siphon blaster and the pressure pot. Sandblasters are fairly simple machines with few moving parts to fail, so it's relatively easy to diagnose a problem. ... Read More »

How to Remove Rust on a Car with a Sand Blaster?

Sandblasting rust from a car will make it easier to restore and paint. You can use different types of media to sandblast, depending on the metal of the car and the size of the surface. Sandblasting... Read More »

How to Use a Parts Blaster with Baking Soda Instead of Sand?

If you're mechanically savvy enough to strip your own paint, then you have more than enough skill to convert your old-school sandblaster to soda. Sandblasting has been used for decades to strip rus... Read More »

Siphon Feed Sand Blaster Tricks?

Siphon sandblasters are the most basic type of sandblaster available. The siphon sandblasting system consists of a hose that is placed in the bag or bucket of blasting media and another hose that i... Read More »