What kind of salt is used for margarita glasses?

Answer Coarse salt, sometimes called coarsely ground or coarse grain salt, is used to salt the rim of a margarita glass. Bartenders will sometimes mix sugar in with the coarse salt to give margarita cockt... Read More »

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How to Get Salt to Stick to Margarita Glasses?

You may wonder how restaurants and bars get the salt to stick on margarita glass rims. There's a few tricks to adhering it until you're ready to enjoy the drink.

What kind of centerpieces can be done with margarita glasses?

On One Hand: One large margarita glass makes a statement.Whether it's a wedding or a 21st birthday, any event or gathering will be livened by a large margarita glass in the middle of the table. Fil... Read More »

Any ideas what to put in a Margarita themed gift basket besides margarita mix and glasses?

I got one of these before and included were a set of green margarita classes that had cactus shaped handles on them. Also some salt for the rims. The glasses can be found at the Beverages and mor... Read More »

How to Decorate Margarita Glasses?

Add some flair to your fiesta by customizing your margarita glasses. Crafting custom cocktail cups prevents your guests from accidentally drinking someone else's margarita since all of the glasses ... Read More »