What kind of rims fit a mitsubishi galant?

Answer A Mitsubishi Galant can accept rims that are up to 20 or 22 inches in diameter, but 17-inch rims are the most popular.Source:Andy's Auto Parts

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What size rims fit on a Mitsubishi Galant?

The most popular rim size for a Mitsubishi Galant is 17 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches wide.Source:Andy's Auto PartsPhenix Wheels

DIY Brakes in a Mitsubishi Galant?

The Mitsubishi Galant was manufactured with four-wheel hydraulic disk braking systems on most models. This system uses a pressurized design that applies force to friction rotors with braking pads t... Read More »

How to Replace a Tie Rod in a Mitsubishi Galant?

The tie rod can become bent or damaged. When this happens, you can feel it. The steering of your Mitsubishi will be off, and it just won't track straight. Fortunately, once you replace your tie rod... Read More »

Mitsubishi Galant Specifications?

The Mitsubishi Galant was introduced in 1969 during the muscle car era. Originally, the Galant was a two-door coupe, but since its debut, the Galant has been transformed into a sleek, four-door sed... Read More »