What kind of receiver for home audio system?

Answer It would be a good idea to have a professional look at the system, make sure it was installed correctly and have them design and install the system. Discover your local independent high end audio ... Read More »

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I have a 5.1 surround sound speaker system, if I buy a home audio receiver.....?

By default, the receiver will only uses the appropriate speakers based on the type of audio signal it's receiving. So if you play music, only the front left and right speakers and the subwoofer wil... Read More »

What kind of home audio system sould i buy?

Do you have access to Amazon in your country? Kicker ik501 is sonically talented and a bargain. If you don't have the money save, it is worth the wait.Best.

If have 7.1 audio receiver can you use 5.1 speakers system?

Yes I currently have a 7.1 receiver and am only using a 5.1 setup. I just turned off the back speakers in the setup menu. Besides most dvds and blurays out are only encoded in 5.1 anyway. There are... Read More »

I have an older home theater system that has L/R audio in, but my new tv has 5.1 optical audio out.?

Well your old home theater system if all it has is analog left and right inputs (which doesn't make sense for a home theater system) it cant be surround sound. Surround sound is 5.1 separate chann... Read More »