What kind of rash is warm red and on a baby's cheek?

Answer Eczema

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What kind of ointment is good for a baby's rash?

The best diaper rash ointments contain zinc oxide, which is naturally moisture resistant and protects a baby’s skin from moisture. Petroleum jelly can also protect a rash from moisture and help i... Read More »

What kind of bite could cause a rash and facial swelling?

On One Hand: Spider Bites Can Cause These SymptomsSpider bites in general cause redness and swelling when venom is injected. There are many types of spiders, and some, such as the black widow and b... Read More »

What is this small rash on a baby's upper thigh on the outside - it is red rough and kind of scaly but not itchy and it hasn't gone away for a week?

ive read your problem and i think you or one of your parents should go on this site: this site is about flower remedies that helps most of your pro... Read More »

What if your baby has a cold severe diaper rash and a rash all over his body what could this be?

There are a number of conditions that could cause a full body rash with or without cold symptoms. This is a question for your pediatrician.