What kind of rabbits are white?

Answer There are many different breeds of white rabbits, ranging in size from very small to quite large. Some breeds of rabbits are available in multiple colors, including white, while others are always w... Read More »

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Can wild rabbits be white?

A wild rabbit's fur is well-adapted to camouflaging with its native habitat. In the northern regions of the world, rabbits in the winter will develop a white fur coat to blend in with the snow. The... Read More »

What Kind of Rabbits Are Known to Stay Together?

All rabbits in the Leporidae family of mammals congregate together into groups. Some rabbit species, such as the European rabbit, gather in large numbers, while other rabbit species only assemble f... Read More »

What kind of trees have white bark?

Trees with white and whitish bark are popular in landscaping because they provide a nice contrast to the many species of trees with brown bark. Several species of white-bark trees have a wide range... Read More »

What kind of guitar does Peter White play?

Onstage, smooth jazz guitarist Peter White plays a Super Ace nylon string acoustic/electric guitar. He has been playing it since March 1999. His guitar was designed by Paul McGill, a guitar builder... Read More »