What kind of problems can people have when they are born with feet deformities?

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Would the limb deformities in VACTER L Association be bony deformities only or could there also be vascular blood vessel deformities?

What kind of solutions would heroes and heroines have that would solve the problems facing society especially racism child and spousal abuse and violence among young people?

I think that anyone could be a hero by not continuing the mistakes made by his or her own parents. Make a child's life better than you had it... be kinder and better. People who try to treat othe... Read More »

Do babies be born feet first?

babies born feet first gave a lot problem in the birth room. Mainly most babies are born heard head first.

What causes fetal deformities?

it can occur when a mother drinks, smokes, or is using drugs. I believe that most deformities are passed down trough the family tree. It's a good idea to be educated about your family's medical his... Read More »