What kind of printer is used to make game cards.?

Answer That stuff is mass produced, it's not a regular printer. More like a (prob digital) printing press that can print on large sheets of paper/cardstock and have machines that cut it. Presses la... Read More »

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What kind of USB cable cord should be used for a Canon S600 printer?

The Canon S600 printer has a jack for a standard full-size USB-B connector. The cable can be up to five meters long. A male-to-male USB cable will connect this printer to any PC with a USB port.Sou... Read More »

What kind of cards are dish network cards?

Depending on which DISH remote you have, the remote has a TV/Video/Input or Input button (newer remotes) below the SAT or TV buttons at the top of the remote. When you press this button, while in T... Read More »

How to make greetings cards on my computer n printer?

Do you have a program like mocrosoft publisher as this would make it easy and provides templates etc to use, make sure you print them on card though as paper will be too flimsy

Can I make business cards on epson xp400 printer If I can how can I do it?

YESIn fact you can print business cards on any printer.It's not the printer that creates the business card, it's the software.You can use Office (Microsoft word) or any other word equivalent such a... Read More »