What kind of printer do you recommend?

Answer For portability, cost, and quality, I do recommend a Canon Inkjet. Here's why. They are reliable.The ink is much cheaper than other brandsThey don't jam. If you do pictures, which you said that yo... Read More »

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I have bought a printer and want to start printing photos. What kind of paper do you recommend for photos.?

C'mon ... how hard is that question to answer??? ... if you bake you use baking paper ... so for photo's guess what ... use photo paper.Ok sorry ... I've had my rant ... there's different weights o... Read More »

Just got a digital camera -- now i need to buy a printer. What kind of inexpensive printer would you suggest?

you would be fine with a 30 dollar printer from wal-mart…those work very well especially for the price and my mother has done well with one for the last year

Can anyone recommend a printer?

go to there site me thinks they do offers for students,failing that do a part exchange all else fails drop me a line, looking at you photo ill come and do it long hand :)x

What kind of car do you recommend?

Buy a minivanYou can drive all of the kidsTo amusement parks