What kind of printer do music studio use?

Answer Pro companiesbut you can do it small with

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What is a music studio?

A music studio is a place where music is recorded. Private home studios and larger commercial studios for hire both serve the same purpose, but private studios require less equipment due to the spe... Read More »

Just got a digital camera -- now i need to buy a printer. What kind of inexpensive printer would you suggest?

you would be fine with a 30 dollar printer from wal-mart…those work very well especially for the price and my mother has done well with one for the last year

What you need for a music studio?

What you need for a music studio has changed drastically since the late 1990s, with the availability of low-cost, highly functional software and faster computers. With a corner of a spare room, you... Read More »

What do I need to make a music studio?

The costs of studio recording equipment has come down considerably in recent years, making ownership of a recording studio a reality for many aspiring sound engineers. Studio equipment is classifie... Read More »