What kind of poppy is Papaver somniferum?

Answer Papaver somniferum is known as the opium poppy. The superficial characteristics of the plant generally resemble other poppy species, although the color is predominantly purple, mauve or lilac. Peop... Read More »

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Papaver Somniferum Types?

Papaver somniferum, or opium poppy plant, is the plant from which the painkillers morphine and codeine are derived, as well as opium and heroin. Its seeds are commonly used in cooking when baking ... Read More »

Is it legal to grow Papaver somniferum in the USA?

The legality of growing Papaver somniferum (opium poppy plants) in U.S. remains in somewhat of a legal gray area as of 2010, according to Erowid. You can never grow them specifically to harvest opi... Read More »

Is papaver somniferum used in food?

Papaver somniferum (Opium poppy) seeds are the only edible part of this plant, which also produces narcotic substances. Opium poppy seeds and the oil expressed from the seeds enhance the flavor of ... Read More »

Is it legal to grow papaver somniferum?

In the United States, growing papaver somniferum, or opium poppy, is regulated by the Controlled Substances Act. Poppy seeds themselves are legal and are often used in baking, but in some instances... Read More »