What kind of popcorn pops the most for a science fair project?

Answer On One Hand: Newman's Own Pops the Most KernelsIn an independent study of comparable butter-flavored microwave popcorn brands, Newman's Own produced a 97 percent rate of kernels popped, followed cl... Read More »

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What is the most efficient substance for melting ice for a science fair project?

On One Hand: Sodium Chloride Melts IceThe most common form of salt is sodium chloride. When used to melt ice, it is called rock salt. It can melt ice when it drops to 16 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.... Read More »

Science Projects on How Popcorn Pops?

If popcorn did not pop its name would be inaccurate. How can a Popcorn not pop? Most fortunately the name correctly describes the nature of the food. Popcorn does pop and science can explain the ho... Read More »

Science Fair Project: Which Lightbulb Uses the Most Energy?

Science fair projects teach you how to use the scientific method to discover something about the world. Begin a science fair project with an inquiry. Choose a project in an area you are interested ... Read More »

Science Fair Projects on the Results of Unpopped Popcorn?

Each kernel of popcorn contains a tiny amount of water. When you heat popcorn, the water expands and forces the kernel to burst. The material inside the kernel puffs out as a result of the eruption... Read More »