What kind of polymer is neoprene?

Answer Neoprene is a kind of polymer known as an elastomer, which is a polymer with the qualities of rubber. It is composed primarily of polychloroprene, and its properties can be altered by co-polymerizi... Read More »

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What is neoprene ducting?

Neoprene ducting is tubing used to transport air, either hot or cold, in ventilation systems, air conditioners, and airplane and car engines. Neoprene, a type of synthetic waterproof and oil-resist... Read More »

When was neoprene developed?

After failing to perfect a method for polymerizing acetylene discovered in 1923 by Father Nieuwland of Notre Dame, DuPont continued experiments along similar lines. In 1930, DuPont discovered divin... Read More »

Does neoprene stretch?

Neoprene--a type of rubber often used to manufacture wetsuits--does contain stretchy qualities. According to the website Wetsuit Gear, standard neoprene is more durable and less stretchy than super... Read More »

How to Use a Neoprene Repair Kit?

Neoprene is a rubber, waterproof material that is used in a variety of outdoor clothing, such as wetsuits and hip waders. The material is designed to repel water from the body. For this reason, it ... Read More »