What kind of plants should be in a grey tree frog habitat?

Answer On One Hand: Strength To Support JumpingThe gray tree frog is an amphibian that appreciates plants with sturdy stems for jumping. Tree frogs eat insects such as crickets and moths, which they will ... Read More »

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What Kinds of Plants Are Best for a Tree Frog Habitat?

Tree frogs are popular, attractive pets. These relatively easy-to-care-for animals prefer a tall enclosure with good ventilation and plenty of climbing branches and plants. While artificial plants ... Read More »

How to Create a White's Tree Frog Habitat?

Whites Tree Frogs are medium sized amphibians that are greenish-blue in color and are perfect for beginner tree-frog enthusiasts. They are very tolerant to handling and spend much of their time soa... Read More »

Cuban Tree Frog Habitat & Care?

Cuban tree frogs live in humid forests in their native range--Cuba, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. Amphibian keepers can easily recreate the moist conditions of these frogs' natural habitat in... Read More »

How to Care for a Grey Tree Frog?

This is a Grey Treefrog. (Hyla Versicolor)This article will show you how to care for a Grey Treefrog! (Hyla Versicolor)