What kind of plant is the Cherry Belle radish?

Answer Being a radish, the Cherry Belle (Raphanus sativus) is type of root vegetable. They were first cultivated thousands of years ago in China and then made their way to ancient Greece and Egypt, where ... Read More »

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How do you plant radish?

Radish can be sown almost all year round in temperate climates, and all but the coldest months in cooler areas. Sow the seed one quarter inch deep into soil that has been prepared to a fine textur... Read More »

What kind of cherry flavoring to use to make cherry cola?

You can buy Grenadine at any grocery store and in smaller bottles. It's a good and inexpensive way to make Cherry Coke. It won't be listed as Cherry Grenadine, just Grenadine. Incidentally, Gren... Read More »

How many days does it take for a radish plant to start to sprout?

it takes radish seeds to actually sprout out of the soil in 4-6 days if you water it with the amount of 1/4 of a cup of water every other day and give it proper sunlight

Does road salt affect radish plant growth?

Yes. Any salt will adversely affect the growth of a radish.