What kind of plant is rabbit ears?

Answer Rabbit ears (Ruttya fruticosa) is an evergreen in the Acanthaceae family. It is an east African plant, and the yellow to dark red flowers have two long, adjacent petals shaped like rabbit ears. The... Read More »

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What breed of rabbit has ears that stand up?

Of the most popular breeds, the Dutch, Polish, Himalayan, Silver, Rex, Satin, English, Havana, Flemish Giant, Californian, Beveren, Sable and Chinchilla rabbits all have ears that stand up. There a... Read More »

In what U.S. state would you find Rabbit Ears Pass?

The Rabbit Ears Pass is in northern Colorado. The pass runs east off Highway 40 from Steamboat Springs, and elevates to 9,426 feet. The ride is a hard uphill battle and very steep, but is known f... Read More »

Can you pick up a rabbit by its ears?

You must never pick up a rabbit by its ears. The ears are very sensitive and, even besides being very painful for the animal, such handling could cause serious and often irreparable injuries. Rathe... Read More »

Do any rabbit ears work?

On One Hand: Cheap and EffectveRabbit ears, also known as dipole antenna, are a cheap and usually effective way to get channels on your home television. Antennas can cost between $100 and $200. Th... Read More »