What kind of plant has xylem and phloem tubes?

Answer Any type of vascular plant.

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What kind of plant is this?

looks like a variety of kalanchoe. it might have flowers later on when it is warmer. there are many varieties. try wikipedia to see the different types

What kind of plant is this (pic)?

It appears to be a Finger Jade, scientific name Crassula Ovata.…

What kind of plant this is?

It is diificult to answer your question because the description is too vague. One help might be to say in what part of the USA do you live? Also it seems to be fruit like--the green berrie proba... Read More »

What kind of plant is a marigold?

Marigolds, formally called "tagetes," are annual flowers that produce orange, yellow or gold flowers from late spring through fall. Depending on the variety, they grow to be from 8 inches to 4 feet... Read More »