What kind of pie would Slenderman eat?

Answer Slenderman? The guy with the egg as a head? Lol. I imagine he'd be quite partial to a mince beef and onion pie :]

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What would kind of protein powders would people recommend to get and where from?

I wouldn't recommend them at all. They are highly processed crap with chemically synthesized replicas of nutrients.Eat some cashew butter, some beans or an avocado. It's tastier, more effectively... Read More »

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What kind of insurance would a small one man roof leak repair operation in NJ need and how much would it cost?

You will need to contact an agent or agents for some quotes on the ratings they also will be best equiped to advise you regarding the risks you should consider in protecting you and your business.

Why is everyone sacred of slenderman?

It's a trend. Honestly, he isn't a big deal but people probably say they're scared to fit in or something. Some are honesty scared after playing the game so I can respect that. After watching some ... Read More »