What kind of phone should I get ...?

Answer G1 or Xpress music. They are both really good phone. my friend has G1 and everytime she brings it over I sit there and just text on it when she's not looking lol. Its easy too use and about in the ... Read More »

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What kind of phone should i get, ?

whatever you do, don't get an iphoneu pay $50 a month and they make you sign a 2-year contract

What kind of cell phone should I get?

I got one of the ladybugs with the real big numbers. It doesn't take fotos, and I only get 30 minutes a month, but hey, who am I callin, anyway?

What kind of phone system should I get for a small business?

I started a small business last summer and after the nauseating task of what phone system to use, we went with good 'ol ma bell. I bought AT&T phones from Staples and had AT&T come and install the ... Read More »

What kind of cell phone a teen should take to school?