What kind of personal items should one bring on deployment?

Answer What you can and should bring with you on deployment depends on the type of deployment and specific military branch you are in. Before deployment, troops are often briefed on what can be brought. H... Read More »

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Personal bags should contain personal consumable mission essential items for how many days?

If she got pregnant by someone else before the divorce was finalised, she could be. I'm not a lawyer, and never was, but, from what I've seen, if the pregnancy occurred after divorce papers were fi... Read More »

What Items Can You Bring On Board Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines was the first air carrier to charge for carry-on bags. The company charges $20, $30 or $45 for a carry-on in 2010, depending on where you pay the fee and whether or not you are a me... Read More »

What items can you bring onboard spirit airlines?

One of the challenges of traveling by plane is knowing what you can bring onboard. Fortunately, Spirit Airlines has simple rules and fair exceptions, all in accordance with Transportation Security ... Read More »

What Items Did German Immigrants Bring to America?

The 2005 American Community Survey reported that some 50 million Americans have some type of German ancestry. This number represents around 26 percent of the United States' Caucasian population. De... Read More »