What kind of people do you hate on facebook?

Answer 1. SHOW OFF's!!! 2. people who are fishing for compliments and random bulls $hit things that they write for attention.3. People who announce "omg good news finally" on their wall and when others in... Read More »

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What kind of people do you hate seeing or being around while at the gym (i.e. Talkers)?

Anyone who goes in the gym with their friends and does about two minutes on each kind of machine before leaving.Especially if they're texting while doing it.

I hate social networking, but since people insist, should I do twitter, myspace, or facebook?

Don't be a geek. They are all lame. Do you want to waste your life in front of your computer or your phone? Go to a bar. Now that is cool and you are never too old to go.

If they can bash and hate naturally skinny people, why are plus sized people being praised?

you rock girl! seriously! im tellin you, we should have a major Y!A protest agianst this! woohoo!i agrre 100%im 5'1 and 85 lbs. and i hate being called anerexia wen i accually eat healthy(and some... Read More »

Why do people hate on people who where designer cloths?

Hi most people hate people who wear designer clothing because they think they are spoiled and get whatever they want. Also some people hate on girls that get designer clothing because sometimes the... Read More »