What kind of pen should you use for baseball autographs?

Answer On One Hand: High Quality Ballpoint PenAccording to Walt Case, owner of Card Traders of Austin in Austin, Texas, a high-quality ballpoint pen is the best writing utensil for baseball autographs. He... Read More »

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How to Get Baseball Players' Autographs?

Getting an autograph at a baseball game is very fun and could be the best part of any game for a fan. There are many ways to get autographs of players but after you learn a few basic steps right now:

The Best Pen to Use for Baseball Autographs?

Baseball autographs are a tangible link to the national pastime. Whether you're seeking autographs for collecting or reselling, it is important to choose the best pen to ensure legibility and prote... Read More »

What kind of oil should you use to break in a baseball glove?

Oil is used in small amounts to soften the leather of a baseball glove. Mink oil may be used or any one of the oils made by the glove manufacturers. Other products may be used as well, including fo... Read More »

What kind of wood are professional baseball bats made of?

Baseball bats that are being used by professional athletes in Major League Baseball are all made of wooden materials. The most common wood used in these baseball bats is Read More »